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Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports Renting a property can be a complex business for landlords and tenants.


Inventory Reports: Renting a property can be a complex business for landlords and tenants. Burns to carpets, marked or scuffed walls and floors, these issues can consume the deposit or a large portion of it. The landlord may feel there is a requirement for the property to be refurbished before it is re-let. An experienced, professional inventory clerk is the answer to this problem.

The inventory is an extensive snapshot of building contents and condition. It should be carried out whether the property is let furnished or unfurnished. It is in the interests of both landlord and tenant to have a detailed inventory of the property from the beginning to help avoid disputes over deposits at the conclusion of the agreement. Once the inventory is complete it should be signed and counter signed by landlord and tenant, a copy of which should remain with each.

The inventory will cover quantity and condition of items such as:-

  • Flooring
  • Blinds/Curtains
  • Walls/Ceilings
  • Furniture
  • Bathroom Suite

Additionally, covered where pertinent will be fittings and fixtures, white goods, heating system, woodwork. Plus, furthermore will be gardens and outbuildings.

Inventories will cover a building room by room, and will cover the cleanliness of everything, including gardens and driveways where applicable. Photographs are also added as part of the inventory, and provide indisputable proof of item condition, such as paint work, plaster, scratches, glassware, gardens, etc.

The inventory is an invaluable written and visual report of a property comprised prior to a tenant’s residence. When a tenancy expires, the inventory is used to conduct a full inspection of the property.

This makes it simpler to deduct if any damages have been caused during the length of the tenancy such as:-

  • Carpet burns
  • Scratches to flooring
  • Scratches to windows
  • Damage to radiators
  • General paintwork
  • Ceiling marks
  • Water marks
  • Outdoor paintwork
  • Damage to grass/turf/paving
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