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Interim Tenancy Reports

Interim Report Inspections Part of our service is to conduct a mid-term inspection of your property.

Interim Tenancy Reports

Interim Report Inspections: Part of our service is to conduct a mid-term inspection of your property. This is usually done at 3 -6 monthly visits, the frequency depends both on your wishes and the length of the tenancy.

Our primary concern for the interim inspection is to ascertain how well the property is being looked after, and whether any suggestions should be made to the tenants how on how to look after the property.  We also look to identify any maintenance issues that need to be brought to your attention.  On the positive side, we do this to prevent any problems like damp getting worse and can also call the landlord’s attention to matters that perhaps the tenant was too anxious to report i.e- broken washing machines & perhaps the odd stain or two.

On the negative side, we can draw the landlord’s attention to more serious matters like subletting, damage to fixtures and fittings, rubbish in the front and back gardens, pets without permission.

All in all, it is an excellent way of keeping the tenancy on track by establishing good communications and making sure that any problems never get the chance to escalate. It can also be used as to see if the tenancy should proceed.

As our tenant check in service is so comprehensive, we can easily spot any deviation from what has already been agreed. On a mid-term inspection, we visit the property with a copy of the signed agreement so both parties can check the document and any change in condition. If there are any problems, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we will deal with them quickly and professionally.

We find that this inspection is another crucial part of the whole tenancy service we offer. If we can maintain good relations with the tenant, and deal with any problems as soon as possible, then we are confident that the end of the contract will be problem free.

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