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End of Tenancy Check Out Services Being a landlord is not easy, there are plenty of things that you need to oversee and look after.

End of Tenancy Check Out Services Being a landlord is not easy, there are plenty of things that you need to oversee and look after. Sometimes these responsibilities can go out of hand and it becomes extremely stressful for the landlords. This is where we step into the picture and make things easy.

We are a company that is involved in the inventory clerk business and we serve as a reliable partner for all landlords. We offer professional and efficient inventory service. Also, our reports are created with the latest technology because we don’t compromise on quality. The best part about hiring us is that we offer exceptional inventory clerk services at reasonable and competitive prices.

End of tenancy check out is one of the most strenuous and hectic times for landlords. This is the time when tenants are checking out of the rental space at the end of their terms or tenancy. During this time, the inventory report that was created at the time when the tenants moved into the property is utilized for the purpose of comparing the differences in the condition of the property at the time of checking in and checking out of the tenant. As evident, this is a tricky process that requires a lot of careful observations, assessments and comparisons.

A detailed report is prepared at the check-out stage by us wherein the differences arising in the property pre and post checkout of the tenant are stated and highlighted. These differences can be classified into four categories:

  • Differences that are minor in nature and can be taken care of easily without professional help.
  • Differences that are major and should be taken care of by hiring experts or professionals to repair.
  • Differences that occurred due to lack of proper and timely landlord maintenance of the property.
  • Differences arising because of normal wear and tear, which is not the fault of the tenant or the landlord

We conduct the inventory clerk process on behalf of the landlord and ensure that we leave the property in a secure condition after carefully checking the same. Also, we drop off the keys to the property to the person/place instructed to us. With the help of our report, which is a complete inventory check out declaration, the tenant can be charged for the ‘differences’ or the damages caused to the property by means of deduction from his/her security deposit to the landlord.

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