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Wandsworth - SW18 Inventory Clerk Services

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Wandsworth - SW18 Inventory Clerk Services

Welcome to Brooke Inventory, we are a family run business, operating within the SW London area and specialise in producing inventory inspection reports, interim reports, check in & check out services.  Our experience covers everything from multi million pound Georgian & Victorian Mansions to two ups and two down homes.  We take a methodical & impartial approach and follow the strict industry guidelines, to make sure we have cover every angle, to protect both the tenant and the landlord.

Our reports:

Our reports are meticulously detailed with information which is set out in an easy to read format, and includes: the full description of the properties interior and contents, meter readings and a full photoset of all the rooms and focused images of tears, chips, breaks and general wear and tear ect.  The document also includes a check out column which makes it easier for tenants to checkout and compare the initial and final inspection details, and for our agents, and landlords all digital photography is stored on our cloud server where you are given a unique access code to your property photo library.

Tenancy Agreement Versus Inventory Report

Although they would appear to be similar in nature, a Tenancy Agreement is very different in intention and scope than an Inventory Report done by our trained Inventory Clerk Wandsworth. In the first case, the tenancy agreement outlines responsibilities and conditions of renting while an Inventory Report is conducted in order to represent the best interests of both parties to the agreement and give compelling testimony to the facts of property damage or lack of maintenance versus normal wear and tear to your Wandsworth let.  The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) recommends that a thorough inventory report is undertaken inorder to protect both the landlords property and the tenants deposit if there is a dispute.

Inventory reports in Wandsworth

As we are local we are always available to help you out, even if that means early mornings, or late evening appointments, generally for a precise inventory report during the colder months,it is adviseable to complete an inventory inspection before later afternoon as light visibility is important so we do not miss any details within the prperty.   Our professional and dedicated staff cover Wandsworth and provide assurance of fair and accurate interpretation of the condition of a property over time. We are trained by and members of Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC). This means we are fastidious in making sure that every possible aspect of a let has been recorded in detail and photographed digitally to represent accurately its condition.

More Than A List

We provide a schedule with grading system for the conditions of each component analyzed and reported during our Property Inventory Report process. Where further clarification is needed additional digital photographs provide the ‘evidence’ of how a property was kept and also how it may have changed over time. Not all property damage is attributed to the tenant or landlord. Some minor flaws in property are related to normal use or what is called normal wear and tear. Our reports include every room in a let including any outdoor components of the property.

Benefits of Brooke

We are punctual and particular when called to do an Inventory Report or Interim Inventory Report. By noting the condition of building, fixtures, furniture and ‘household’ items such as appliances, flooring, paint and more we can protect the landlord from having to engage in a dispute with a tenant over the final condition of a property – with it all there in a complete report including photographs, a tenant can be sure that any damage from lack of maintenance by the landlord does not come out of their security deposit either.

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