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Southfields -SW18 Inventory Inspection Reports

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Inventory Clerk Southfields

Brooke Inventory now offers a fully accredited and insured against liability property inventory specialist in Southfields. Trained through the Association of Professional Inventory Providers (APIP) our staff offer knowledgeable and detailed property reports including high quality digital photos and meticulously itemized information about the exact condition of a rental property prior to move-in. We are much more than a checklist, we are a snapshot in time of how the property was at the start of the lease agreement. Avoid end of lease disagreements by hiring us to complete your property inventory.

Protect Property and People

Whether it is a Check Out Report, Check In Report, or Interim Inventory Report Brooke Inventory can meet your needs without hidden fees or added-on charges. An Inventory clerk plays a vital role in protecting the resources which go into maintaining and living in a rental property, tenants get the assurance of fair damage assessment at lease end and landlords have a written account of exactly how the property was turned over to their tenant. This can save costly and stressful disputes as well as enhance record keeping and maintenance for the property, an Interim Inventory Report provides information on a three or six month basis during the tenancy which lets tenants know which items of damage may be removed from their security deposit and allows landlords to see what repairs need to be made while problems are small.

We Strive For Excellence in Southfields

As a member of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) we promote an atmosphere of superior service and quality reports which go beyond the standard and government mandated regulations to give our clients everything they need in information and any clarification required throughout the process. Our Inventory Clerks in Southfields as in our other locations are covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance. With flexible hours to accmomodate landlord and tenant property inventory needs, we will do our very best to process your request and do our on-site inspection and photograph the entire property in a prompt manner so that your Inventory Report can be compiled and returned as soon as possible. Short notice booking is available and our price schedule does not contain additional or unexpected charges.

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