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Tenants and landlords in Roehampton can rest assured that when time is of the essence Brooke Inventory will be there to ease the transition at end-of-term tenant move-out or new property lets. We provide a comprehensive Inventory Report detailing every aspect of a property, coupled with a detailed photoset to back up our reports documentation, covering wall to wall, contents and fixtures including utlity meter readings to give you piece of mind, that in the event of any disputes, our ‘snapshot’ in time will allow you to quickly resolve any issues which may arise.  We understand that our clients are unique and have individual needs and requirements thats why we always take this onboard to make sure the process is as seamless as possible, following strict goverment guidelines to make sure you are protected.

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Our association with the tenant and the landlord alleviates the need for future disputes and hard feelings between the involved parties. By doing an Inventory Report the tenant knows what things he or she will not be blamed or charged for, while the landlord knows which things may need extra work now or in the future. Brooke Inventory is a proud member of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) which means that we set our standards high and attempt with each job to exceed them. Inventory Reports are not to be confused with the lease agreement, a property Inventory Report goes into much greater detail regarding property condition, potential issues, and changes which occur over the period of tenancy.

Interim Inventory Reports offer a total overview of how the property is faring during a tenancy. More valuable than a landlord performing a cursory inspection, the Interim Tenancy Report can highlight damage which needs immediate work and also positive changes made to the property. Sometimes tenants may not understand fully the terms of their lease, an Interim Property Report can alleviate concerns about who is responsible for what, and which sort of changes may or may not be allowed.

At the check in appointments we will meet with the tenant or their apppointed representative to complete a report which will include an inspection of the cleaning standard, and any maintenance issues.  A Full photoset  of any noted concerns and the entire property, appliance manuals and schedule of keys will be checked and a full schedule of condition and utility meter readings are taken.

We will attend the property being let for a check out, meeting with either the Tenant or their appointed representative to go through the inventory and agree the condition of the property according to the previous check in inventory report, highlighting any changes which might have happened since the intial report.

We always take this opportunity to identify and attribute responsibility for the changes we find in an professional & impartial manner according to the AIIC guidelines or regarded arbitration services.  This will then be documented making clear whose bears the responsibility regarding any issues noted.  It’s important that both parties understand their liability and to leave no uncertainties which greatly improves the simplifies the deposit release, saving time and money.

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