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Morden Property Inventory Reports Services

Brooke Inventories is pleased to inform you that we cover the area of Morden to meet all your Inventory Services needs.  We are a local inventory clerk family run business, and take pride in what we do leaving no stone unturned to meet your inventory needs. When undertaking an Inventory Report Inspection, Check In or Check Out service, we understand that each of our clients are unique and have particular requirements and a way of working, so understanding and identifying this process is essential inorder to build strong working relationships.  We are accurate and consistent always making sure to deliver a fair, honest and impartial assessment, keeping you informed  along the way of anything which needs to be brought to your attention.

Brooke Inventory operates in full accordance of government regulations and takes pride in our professionalism and meticulous eye for detail. We are members of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) and strongly believe in giving top quality service and value to each report which we prepare for our valued clients. Our staff have public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Being local we are there for you, if you require an emergency Check In or Check, then don’t worry as we will be there for you regularly working 7 days per week, including late evenings.

Our company offers some of the most reasonable flat-fee rates in the business, you won’t find additional charges added on later or calculated in after you have received what you thought was the final bill. Staff are trained in the best techniques to do the most thorough and professional Inventory Report a landlord or tenant could wish for.

Many factors go into preparing our inventory inspection reports, detailing everything from wall to wall, ceiling to floor, fixtures and fitting, contents and conditions from the outside in and for every room of the let. Digital photographs are taken as well to give the truest representation of what the property condition was before the lease takes effect. Consider our service like a ‘snapshot in time’ defining everything contained, as protecting your or your clients  investment is key.  We also offer Interim Inspection Reports which generally occur in three or six month periods throughout the lease agreement. These are useful for determining if there is damage which will need fixing and also for maintenance purposes. Some tenants are shy about reporting things like leaky faucets or a wonky thermostat, the Interim Inventory Report is an excellent tool for a landlord to keep track of what needs doing with the property.

All our reports and digital photgraphy are cloud saved meaning you will have a unique login, and access to your property photo’s and documents 24/7.