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Earlsfield - SW20 Inventory Clerk Report Services

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At Brooke Inventories, you will find a ‘go beyond the call of duty attitude’.  We treat every client with the utmost respect, understanding that agencies each have their own unique requirements and ‘method of process’.  We will quickly identify these, to make sure our working relationship is on point, dedicated and meticulous, as getting it right in the inventory game doesn’t allow for second chances – It has to be accurate, detailed and prompt!

What to Expect.

Quickly after you call Brooke Inventory you will see our Earlsfield Inventory Clerk  arrive at your property to perform a decisive and intense report for your property. Fully covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance, all of our staff are trained to uphold the standards of quality service, which our membership in the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) expects.  Being a family run business we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, whether you need us to meet with your tenant for a ‘Check In’ or ‘Check out’ service, or require a comprehensive ‘state of condition’ report.  Every job is an opportunity for us to prove and strengthen out working relationship.

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Let us exceed your expectations in Earlsfield. During a Check In Report we will conduct a tour of the property taking into account the outdoor features as well as indoor and any furnishings or appliances which may be let with the property. Noting down the condition of walls, floors, ceilings, lights and more and adding digital photographs we will be sure that nothing big or small can be missed when going into a tenancy agreement.

Throughout the tenancy, an Interim Inventory Report can be completed as well. This report will help keep the valued lines of communication open between property owner and property renter. It will be noted down any items which have changed after the Check In Report, as well as any maintenance issues or repairs which will be necessary in future. This makes an excellent record for the care and upkeep of a property and can be a very satisfying bonus to any additional parties in a property investment.

Check Out Reports can avoid disputes and stress regarding who is responsible for what repairs or replacements which may have become necssary. Normal wear and tear are easy to assign when a Check Out Report has been compared with an Interim Report and Check Out Report. Tenants are happiest when they feel most fairly treated, and landlords are happy when things go smoothly and with as little extra work or expense as possible post-tenancy.

Inventory Clerk Earlsfield will perform the job with the expertise you expect from a company such as Brooke Inventory, and further can do so at times which are flexible for you at rates which are reasonable and do not possess hidden fees or extra charges at the end. Make an Inventory Report part of your property ownership leasing system and all parties are protected from the stress and headaches of property damage disputes and ‘bad maintenance’ claims.

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